How to Tolocar: Our Playbook for Mobile Makerspaces

Toloka is a traditional way of showing solidarity through the provision of physical support in Ukraine. With that in mind, German and Ukrainian partners with support from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) co-created the Tolocar project just a few weeks after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The goal of the project is to support both the emergency relief activities, and the development of a participatory innovation ecosystem for the socio-economic recovery of Ukraine.

With this playbook, we showcase different interpretations of what mobile makerspaces are, share use cases and equipment lists, and introduce the different qualities of our team which have been essential to the successful implementation of the project.

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Make Things that Make Sense. Anywhere.

Connected to the global maker community, Tolocars create flexible and temporary production systems at partner organization locations. This innovative approach enables on-site distributed manufacturing, providing customized solutions where they are needed most.

Distributed manufacturing enables smaller-scale production much closer to the end-user, reducing costs, lead times, and environmental impact.

The playbook reflects the iterative and pluralistic approach of this unprecedented project, and aims to spark conversations with others who are interested in the topic. Hosted on Appropedia, the sustainability wiki, the playbook in its virtual form is a living document. Please join the conversation on Appropedia!

Playbook on Appropedia

With a fleet of mobile makerspaces at its core, Tolocar brings together experts from the fields of making, distributed manufacturing, and urban planning with civil society organizations in Ukraine to:

Harness Ukraine's digital innovation capacity to meet urgent humanitarian needs

Support both new and existing stationary makerspaces

Expand the reach of Ukrainian makers by connecting them to national, regional, and global maker networks

Strengthen decentralized production systems at partner locations, such as displaced businesses, makerspaces or community workshops

Develop the capacities of Ukrainian makers and makerspace managers


Appropedia is a wiki-based website that helps people share information and collaborate on projects to address poverty, international development, and environmental sustainability.

Maker Academy

With the Maker Academy, we are crafting a project-based curriculum in Ukrainian centered around the construction of open source computer-controlled machines, ranging in complexity and capabilities.

Support & Contact

One of our main goals is to connect the global maker community with local makers and initivatives in order to support and strengthen them.

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