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In the Maker Academy you will find a lot of helpful information about making and makerspaces.

Aims of the basic learning modules

The basic learning modules are intended to introduce various topics related to the use of fab labs. Their main purpose is to spark interest in their use, to demonstrate potential applications and to teach basic application skills. Since every Fab Lab, every device and every software is different, no device- or lab-specific knowledge is provided, but rather general basic knowledge. Furthermore, it is not the goal to teach detailed practical knowledge - rather, the basic knowledge from these learning modules serves as preparation for practical workshops that are typically offered in fab labs.


The basic learning modules were developed by Hamburg Innovation GmbH as an open educational resource and further developed and revised for use on the website as part of the TOLOCAR project and supplemented with an English and Ukrainian version (TOLOCAR is a project funded by the German government @bmz_bund and implemented by GIZ). Author of the texts is Oskar Lidtke, freelance engineer, product designer and lecturer, founding member of Fab City Hamburg e.V. association and operator of the project Orcular .

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