The Tolocar project sends mobile makerspaces into Ukraine to support, train and equip local communities.

The word “Toloka” stands for a traditional form of solidarity support in Ukraine. With that in mind, the Tolocar project uses mobile makerspaces equipped with tools, open source hardware machines and consumables to support humanitarian activities in Ukraine. Various partners work together in different projects like reconstruction & renovation, open production, knowledge transfer and innovation to strengthen the community of Ukraine.


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What is a Tolocar?

A Tolocar is a converted van that offers the possibilities of a makerspace or fablab on wheels.

This means they bring the capacity of high end manufacturing or diagnosis technologies to the point of need. But crucially they remain plugged into a world wide community of diverse domain experts who can bring their collective intelligence to bear in ways that complement conventional relief or rebuilding efforts.

The aim is to enable communities to replicate some of the capabilities and so to catalyze rebuilding efforts and establish support networks.
Photos: Nika Popova (l), Sergiy Bezborodko (r).

Our Impact

Be at the point of need

With the mobile makerspaces we can go to the point of need and deliver access to high tech production machines, tools, knowledge and man power.

Solely humanitarian activities

Technology can be used for many things, but with our project we do focus on humanitarian use cases and refuse every involvement in war activities.

Open hardware

We use and distribute as much open source hardware as possible to enable people to build hardware by themselves in an affordable way.

Open knowledge

In our workshops and trainings we use a lot of existing open knowledge. We share this for free and invite everyone to contribute to it.

Empowering people

Throughout our activities we aim to empower people to help themselves.

Connecting communities

One of our main goals is to connect the global maker community with local makers and initivatives in order to support and strengthen them.

Tolocar 01
The Cadus Crafter

Renovation & Handcraft
May - August 2022

Tolocar 03
The MitOst Sprinter II

September 2022 - Open End

Our fleet

Overview of all our past, current and planned Tolocars

Support Vehicle 01
The Cadus Supporter

Staff & Material Transport
June - November 2022

Tolocar 04
The HIWW Van

Making & Open Source HW
September 2022 - Open End

Tolocar 02
The MitOst Sprinter I

Making, Digital Fabrication
June 2022 - Open End

Tolocar 05
The HIWW Truck

Making & Open Source HW
September 2022 - Open End

What we do

With our Tolocars we operate directly in Ukraine.

We perform different maker workshops with various groups like schools, universities, fablabs and others in topics like digital fabrication, coding and more.

In our replication workshops we train fablabs and local businesses to build/replicate certain open source hardware machines like 3D printers, cnc-milling machines and laser cutters.

We support various partners with their project through our expertise, tools and machines. In this projects we renovate, repair, build and invent special solutions.

Building a community & empowering people

We are connected to local actors, makers and initiatives in Ukraine and internationally.

Our goal is to connect these actors and enable them to work together.


When we go to a place to support a project, build a makerspace or perform a workshop, we call that an intervention. Every intervention has its unique partners, goals and outcomes, but every intervention aims to strengthen the ecosystem of Ukraine.


Within the Tolocar Project we support different projects with our equipment, knowledge and capacities. The projects are in areas like insulation, energy supply, connectivity and sewage water.

Latest Interventions
When we go to place to support a project, build a maker space or perform a workshop, we call that an intervention. Every intervention has its unique partners, goals and outcomes, but every intervention helps to strengthen the ecosystem of the Ukraine.

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